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July 20th, 2009
Our Heritage
Our Heritage


Welcome to SMARTS – Smoky Mountain Artifact Research and Treasure Society. If you are interested in metal detecting as a hobby, treasure hunting, gold prospecting, or have items you wish to sell that are related to the hobby, we invite to join the club and forums. The club dues are $20 yearly for a single membership or $25 for a family. You may join our forums for free by simply creating an account plus you do not have to be a club member. It is a free and open forum and we invite anyone who is interested in the hobby to join. We meet the second Monday of each month  at  the “Austin Steak and Buffet”. It is located on Merchants Drive where the Great American Steak and Buffet was located. The next meeting is Monday December 09. We try to have a guest speaker, find of the month, raffle prizes and discuss our hobby. It is a great place to meet new friends and learn more about this exciting hobby.  6:00 pm if you want to eat and 7:00 pm for the meeting. The December meeting is our annual Christmas Club Auction and Ladies night. We will be giving away 3 ladies rings to some lucky ladies. Men make sure you bring your wives, girlfriends or special someones to the meeting because they might just win a ring and save you from buying her one. LOL Also remember to bring plenty of money with you and anything you are willing to donate to the club for our auction.

Club officers elected for 2013-2014 are:

President - Robert Valenta     Vice-President – Ralph Waldrop

Treasurer – Randy Holder       Secretary – Ralph Waldrop

Assistant Secretary – Nancy Green     FOM Secretary – Carl Patty

Board of Directors

Jim Elmore     Joel Shuman     Mark Martinec     Steve Lowery

Tom Shuman

Finds of the Month Committee

Destiny Davenport    Norm Green     Carl Patty     Mike Peels

2012-2013 Finds of the Year winners!

Civil War: – A tie this year between Kevin W. a complete Confederate spur and Mark Martinec a US Belt Plate

Coin: –Carl Palmer – 1921 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

Jewelry: Carl Patty – 14kt ring with diamonds

Most Unusual: Carl Palmer – 14kt. gold ring with a penny stuck inside of it.

Relic: JT Shuman – Civil War Brass Knuckles

TnT: Kevin W. – Translucent Flint Blade

Eyeball Find: Ralph Waldrop – Credit/Debit card (1) 14 kt gold earring with 7 diamonds, and a set of 1/3 carat 14 kt. diamond post earrings

Token: Mark Martinec –  John F. Kennedy token

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